Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thursday in the Neighborhood

This stone bench at Chelsea Market is more comfortable than you might think - although my feet dangle!
The weather people keep promising some warmer temperatures but everyday it's still plenty cold and that is curtailing my morning walking. It's too cold to walk far and there aren't enough open businesses to duck into for a warm up. Actually there are plenty of delis and coffee shops open but they are small and loiterers are pretty obvious.

This morning I had big plans and started off for a nice walk. Within 4 blocks I realized I was not going to make it to my destination so I improvised. The rising sun was blinding. I had to shade my eyes to keep from tangling up with the guys who were off loading equipment for today's film shoot for Law & Order: SVU. They are using an out of business bar and sushi restaurant around the corner from my apartment for the shoot. If it's mainly interior shots it won't be as fun to look for in the show.

I have been off a day most of the week. I guess it's not Friday yet!

Morning temperature: 17 degrees
Morning steps: 4592

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