Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Bright & Sunny & Still Cold

Looks like they will be filming Law & Order: SVU in my neighborhood this week

I went out for a walk a little later today. I thought it would be a few degrees warmer AND that the library would be open so I could pick up a book I had requested (in May).

It was 2 degrees warmer than it had been at 6:30am so I guess that wasn't worth the wait. I like the early morning walk because there are less people on the streets. Today I had to figure out how to get around 4 boisterous boys who were stealing each other's hats and tossing them around. I'm sure they were just happy to be on their lunch break. I was hoping to stay alive till the next block!

And, wow, was the sun bright! I have had Transitions lenses in my glasses for years but I have never seen them get as dark as they were today. When I stopped in a store they were so dark I couldn't see at all (and when I took them off I couldn't really read!)

It was a disappointing trip to the library. Two days ago, I had received an email telling me the book was in...but today it was nowhere to be found. The overworked librarian did his best to search in person and on the computer but we came up empty.

I had a problem some months ago with the last book I requested so I must be having some bad book karma. I was told that book was in but could not be released. I'm just hoping that I don't get a reputation of being the person who requests books and never picks them up.

Manhattan branch libraries have relatively few books in their spaces though they are stocked with periodicals, reference books, computers and children's books. They prefer that you request books online and they will be located within the various libraries within the five boroughs of New York City. Then they are delivered to the branch of your choice.

It works if you don't mind a wait but you don't have much success if you drop by the library hoping to find an interesting book to check out.

Temperature: 16 degrees
Steps: 4314

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