Friday, January 31, 2014

End of January

I prefer looking at older buildings but sometimes the contrast between old and new is interesting. The building with round windows is Dream Hotel. You can get a room there in March for $375 to $1000 per night.

It's the last day of the month and a good time to do a recap of my goals for 2014. According to statistics most people gave up on their resolutions about a week ago. I am hoping to continue with mine.

Be Adventurous

I haven't set any records on adventurousness yet. I did manage to try some new recipes for meatloaf (my second ever), white chili, muffins, mojito jello shots, pork tenderloin, bread pudding, hot fudge pudding cake and broccoli scalloped potatoes. Also tried a new brownie recipe and a chocolate cake recipe. I always make brownies from scratch but that might have been my first chocolate cake from scratch.

Learn Things

Not doing well here yet...other than some interesting magazine articles and internet searches.

Organize & Clean

I worked on the pantry so far. Have some plans but no other progress.

Be Charitable

I was able to

   buy a coat and donate it to the New York Cares Coat Drive
   send some handmade cards to Splashes of Joy
   donate some stickers to the Stick it to Diabetes sticker drive

I am trying to keep Random Acts of Kindness in my head. I'm not keeping a list of those because I hope they will be too numerous to count. Sometimes I need to be more aware. It's easy to hold doors for people but I almost passed the blind man who was about to run into a snow bank. I did speak to him before he hit the bank though I need to practice how to verbally guide someone who can't see. Also working on giving out more compliments which sometimes is hard as well. It was easy to compliment the researcher who was leading a study and she was quite grateful which was a bonus.

So here's hoping I keep on track!

Morning temperature: 28 degrees
Morning steps: 6020

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