Friday, January 24, 2014

Reality or Not

I picture comedians serving up jokes with the sandwiches at the Ha Ha Fresh Deli

Do you remember TV before "reality" shows? A generation of kids is growing up watching these shows and thinking they are real...when they are the farthest thing from it. People become famous or infamous and make money being bad guys using all the bad behaviors that kids otherwise are taught are wrong.

If it's not a reality's a competition show. Who is the best cook, singer, designer, dancer etc?

I admit to watching a few of them though I've never seen Survivor, any Real Housewives, America's Got Talent, the Voice or many more of these types of shows. I don't watch the shows about raising lots of children or wealthy families letting cameras follow them around.

Give me something with a plot and real actors and I'll check it out.

Morning temperature: 10 degrees (felt like -3)
Morning steps: 3763

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