Friday, May 31, 2013

Morning Walk #20 - Irving Place & Union Square

There's something interesting about an ornate staircase seen through the windows (Siegel - Cooper Building, 1896)

Sunny & 75 degrees

A woman tries to hail a cab as cab after cab passes by. Lucky 13 stops to pick her up. Who knew it would be so hard to catch a cab at 7am?

The Hellmuth Building (1906) originally housed Mr. Hellmuth's printing ink company.

Across the street is the Altman Building (1896) - built as stables for the delivery horses and carriages servicing B. Altman's customers.

An 1894 firehouse is ornate in architectural detail but the arched bay is narrow for today's fire engines.

An 1885 bust of Washington Irving (1783 - 1859) looks over Irving Place

Park benches are full of people on a warm morning

A delivery guy sits on a bench reading his phone with catering boxes of some company's breakfast standing on a dolly next to him

A thin, stooped backpacker walks by with his straining at the seams huge backpack weighing him down

An older man sits on a bench eating a quart container of cantaloupe chunks. When it's empty he starts on a banana

A woman on her cellphone sternly lectures the father of her daughter on the behavior required of him if he wishes to see said daughter

Dropping off compost and buying vegetables at the GreenMarket

A jagged hunk of sidewalk leaps up to trip me.  I stumble but (surprisingly) find my balance before stumble becomes tumble.  I announce to the world "Wow! Good recovery!"

A woman pushes her puppy - bow and all - in a doggie stroller

Steps: 7384

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