Monday, May 20, 2013

Morning Walk #11 - Madison Square Park

8:00am - Foggy and gray at Madison Square park
It rained most of the night but now it's just foggy and humid

The store windows reflect my hair getting exponentially larger in the high humidity

One lone robin scavenging for food with a pack of pigeons

Finding a dry spot on a bench - trying not to think about the homeless person who might have kept it dry

A squirrel hops up next to me on the bench maybe a foot away

Groups of people walk through the park after trains and buses arrive nearby

One lone man under his umbrella though there is neither rain nor sun

Watching the fog descend and the tops of the buildings disappear

A woman pushes her toddler in a stroller as he holds his bright yellow smiley face umbrella

Finding a single white flower in a plastic sleeve - maybe a boutonniere 

Steps:  7698

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