Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Morning Walk #18 - Madison Square Park

The Flatiron peeking through the trees on another gray morning

I expected rain but it was humid, gray and dry

License plates on cars parked within 2 blocks of my neighborhood: FL, NJ, CT, PA, NH, WA, TX and, of course, NY

Then a plate with a "PSY" insignia...I was ready to go gangnum style but it's probably a doctor designation

7am kickboxing class in the studio window

Victorian architecture intrigues me although I generally prefer plain and simple

I find a dryish bench in the park

A squirrel sits beside me and tries to get into my bag when he thinks I'm not looking

A man with brown suede slip on shoes, no socks, black slacks and a navy sportcoat

One lone jogger, an older man, circles the park

The oak tree replanted from the estate of President James Madison in 1936 on the centennial of Madison Avenue

A grocery stop on the way back

Steps: 6199

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