Thursday, May 23, 2013

Morning Walk #14 - Hudson Riverwalk

70 degrees and the humidity is palpable

People wearing jackets are making me sweat

Closest highway crossing to the riverwalk is not pretty but there are some benches

Flowering shrubs growing next to and through chain link fences

Pier 54 - you can still make out the rusty traces of long removed letters for Cunard White Star

An older jogger looking like she's about to collapse but wearing a cute skirt over her tattoed legs

Scavenger checking the trash receptacles for cans and bottles

A line waiting for the use of Mr. John

Two men wearing fluorescent green shirts and red plaid kilts

A low marble wall - an AIDS memorial:  "I can sail without wind.  I can row without oars but I cannot part from my friend without tears."

River traffic is confined to ferries until finally...a barge escorted by a tug boat

Ducks and floating bottles - for some reason reminds me that my first childhood awareness of litter was trash in the lake

Walking back through streets of rowhouses

Looking at the very fashionable clothes in the window of a children's store

Finding my way back to my neighborhood

Steps: 5794

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