Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Morning Walk #13 - West Village, Union Square Park & the GreenMarket

Finally! A bathroom just for me! And apparently one where I can lie down for a nap.

How can it be 59 degrees outside and 83 degrees in my apartment?

Another gray morning but glad to see no rain

A pile of empty clam shells in the street

A man and dogs playing in the storefront window at Biscuits and Bath

At the tiny park: no dogs allowed, no smoking, keep out of planted areas. I appreciate the sentiments but Wow! The negativity!

Dropping off my compost at the GreenMarket

Yay! First rhubarb sighting!

Ostrich jerky & bison jerky

8:24am - Picking up a prescription at the crowded drugstore

Admiring a large bottle of magic bubble making liquid

Coincidentally, seeing a man making bubbles on the corner of 6th & 23rd moments later

The Happy Child Transport bus: first person off, an unsteady elderly woman helped by not one but two people. I hope I'm a Happy Child when I reach her age!

Saying hello to those resting in peace in the Third Shearith Israel Cemetary (first burial in 1829 when 6th & 21st was considered the north edge of the city). It looks peaceful but not sure the dearly departed appreciate the modern hustle and bustle.

Steps:  8373

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