Friday, May 24, 2013

Morning Walk #15 - Chelsea Piers

Surprisingly, no rain yet again in a week with predicitons for morning rains 4 out of 5 weekdays

Heading towards Chelsea Piers for possible shelter in case of a downpour

A memorial of candles, flowers and photos along a chain link fence

A large bronze plaque for Mayor George B. McClellan Jr. (son of the Civil War general) 1904 - 1909. He was responsible for the building of the Chelsea Piers as well as much other construction in NYC including Grand Central Terminal. 

Signs for the High School for Public Service Prom

The area north of Chelsea Piers is quiet with few people

A woman holding what looks like a large pink flower above her head with arms outstretched. It turns out to be a pink umbrella - not opened completely but no clue as to why she is holding it like that.

Always amazing to find parks, playgrounds, and playing fields tucked in between high rise buildings

Old 19th century buildings reborn in the 21st century

A sign for the Susan B. Anthony Real Estate Company...apparently not named for the famed Miss Susan B. but a modern day woman of the same name

A little girl in a gray pleated skirt runs on her orange scooter

A sign says the building on W. 22nd Street is the 1835 James N. Wells Mansion - it's not looking very mansion-y but interesting just the same.  Mr. Wells was instrumental in developing Clement Clarke Moore's Chelsea estate into lots (and making himself a lot of money).  The house became a home for the aged and is now 30 apartments.

Heading back home amid a sea of children heading every which way to school

Steps: 6168

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