Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ups & Downs

One World Trade Center
I almost saw a bike accident today. I heard a scream and saw the head and shoulders of a woman go up and come down. It appears that the woman was riding a Citibike when the door of a parked big truck (meaning high up) opened. She tried to swerve to miss it but there was a car coming behind her. She ended up sort of jumping off the bike to avoid getting the door smacked into her head. Luckily the driver of the car was alert enough to stop before running over her.

The bike rider got up immediately and walked gingerly over to the sidewalk and sat down - leaving the rental bike in the street. The driver of the truck picked up the bike, apologized and offered her help along with two other passersby. Another guy who apparently hadn't seen much ran out to keep the car from leaving the scene. I guess he thought the driver was about to leave a hit and run...but the car had no part in the accident.

One block over was a street with a bike path...much safer for the rider. And that is why I don't dare try those rental bikes! There's too much to worry about from others on the street!

Morning temperature: 72 degrees
Morning steps: 6313

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