Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Unforgettable TV Shoot

That's Al (Dylan Walsh) in the suit in the center of the photo getting his makeup touched up

Red headed Carrie (Poppy Montgomery) spent her downtime on the phone
My morning walk to Madison Square Park got me a glimpse of the cast shooting a scene for the TV show, Unforgettable. I didn't know what they were shooting at first as they did several rehearsals with stand-ins but it was fascinating (and exhausting) to watch.

I didn't have my bigger zoom lens with me and passersby messed up my photo opportunities but these photos are what I could get. The canopy thing you can see was carried over Al & Carrie as they walked and talked for the scene.

NYC - you just never know...!

Morning temperature: 69 degrees
Morning steps: 6893

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