Tuesday, June 10, 2014

To the Park

The three pieces pictured below comprise "Folly" by Rachel Feinstein. They will be in Madison Square Park till early September.


I sat in the park to read my email as usual. A man sat down on the next bench. I had seen out of the corner of my eye that he appeared to have a homeless appearance. He was having a conversation so I thought he might be on a phone. He would speak for a time and then listen and eventually respond to what he heard.
I was trying to block his voice and was partly successful. I heard him say, "My planet...my rules." He mentioned that he would send the Penguin Brothers to see whomever he was talking to. When he said if Gambino approached him he would kill him and his whole family...I decided it was time to move along.
It wasn't really a surprise to see there wasn't any phone.
Morning temperature: 64 degrees
Morning steps: 6203

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