Friday, June 13, 2014

Need Some Rain?

Somewhere in there...there is actually a point that's in focus!
It was wet and drizzly when I headed out for a walk this morning. I hurried to get around a group of 20 or so late teen/20-something people who were getting a tour on the High French. All I could think of...was...I was glad I was not a chaperone of that group. They seemed interested and attentive but they were at a age that could be trouble on a trip to NYC!

By the time I made it to one of my favorite arbor spots the rain was coming down pretty good and then it was a deluge which lasted for the rest of my walk home...even though I tried to wait it out for awhile! When I got home there was only one item of clothing that wasn't wet!

Morning temperature: 65 degrees, 93% humidity
Morning steps: 5673

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