Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Remembering the members of the military who have died in service to our country. Each yellow ribbon symbolizes one of the more recently deceased military service members. This is maybe 20% of the ribbons hanging around the exterior of the Marble Collegiate Church on 5th Avenue. This church was founded in 1628 while the city was New Amsterdam. The current building opened in 1854. Dr. Norman Vincent Peale was senior minister here and served along with his wife, Ruth Stafford Peale, for 52 years.

It was a lazy start to the least for most people. The streets were pretty bare. Speaking of bare, before 8am a woman passed me in her shorts and bathing suit top. She had a beach chair in one hand and 2 plastic bags and her dog's leash in the other hand. A good day to head to the beach or park.

I walked across 6th avenue and saw a street fair just beginning to come to life.

When I got to the park there were more people sitting on the benches than usual for early in the morning. A group of people, mostly women, gathered wearing army green t-shirts emblazoned with the words "Boot Camp". They started running around one of the sections that would be a little less than 25% of the park. As they ran round and round some of the people fell behind till the leaders were passing them. They stopped for jumping jacks, crab walks, sprint walks and a reverse pushup using park benches. (I don't really know what those exercises are called because I am allergic to that stuff!) More power to them...especially to those trailing behind yet not giving up!

I stayed a little longer than usual and read a magazine while I waited for some stores to open up. A couple weeks ago I had seen some tourist trap stores selling NYC postcards 20 for $1 and even 30 for $1. I don't often mail NYC postcards - in fact, I usually make my postcards - but I wanted to send some out and a bargain is a bargain! I headed back to the nearest store and spent my dollar...they didn't even add on tax!

On my way home, I walked through that street fair. It was still early and not too busy. Lots of the usual vendors but there was an interesting tea and spice booth that I hadn't seen before. They had a big display of open bowls of their teas and spices. If I was more of a tea drinker I would have grabbed up some of the fruit flavored teas. They looked and smelled pretty darn good.

Heading for some's going to be a hot one!

Morning temperature:  66 degrees - heading for 86!
Morning steps: 9726

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