Friday, May 23, 2014

High Line Photo Shoot

This photo is not from the High Line. It's in front of a brownstone on 22nd Street

This morning I was back on the High Line. In addition to catching up with all the wonders of the landscaping it's a good place to go when there is a threat of rain because there are a couple of covered areas.

The magic water feature was running for the first time this season. The water comes up, flows across a section of the sidewalk and disappears...all rather mysteriously and on a seemingly flat surface with no edges to contain the water. Yet it never runs onto the regular walkway.

Mostly what I noticed was a photographer with a killer camera lens standing in the water and taking photos down below him.

I continued my walk to the beginning of the High Line and then back to the 16th Street area to one of my favorite spots. I like to sit under some young trees looking south for a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty (she was just visible through the fog) and check my email.

I had passed the photographer again and saw the young couple who were the subjects of his photo shoot. Now as I waited for my phone to turn on the woman asked if I minded moving for a few minutes so they could take some shots there.

I, of course, got up immediately...there are plenty of benches on the High Line...even if that was one of my favorite areas! I asked if they were taking engagement photos. No, they were having a professional photo shoot for their 5 year anniversary. The photographer went into marketing mode exclaiming what a great idea it was to mark a 5 year anniversary as an important milestone - especially in the this city.

It IS a good idea to mark the milestones. But speaking of milestones, I was feeling pretty old looking at these 2 young people - especially that baby-faced young husband - and realizing that they were old enough to have been married for 5 years!

Morning temperature: 60 degrees
Morning steps: 6105

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