Thursday, February 13, 2014

Yay! Snow!

Sunbathe here!

Have a seat!

My snowplowing hero in the background

The ghostly remains of the pier in the Hudson River fog

We have new snow coming down. Outside my apartment building it was ankle deep and big flakes were falling.

Had to mail a letter and deposit a check so I tended to those things first. Not many sidewalks were shoveled or in the process of being shoveled yet. I saw lots of snowplows and their plows seemed to be lowered but I have never seen such a lousy job of actually clearing the snow. Once the plows passed it seemed like little had changed.

As I passed through a little park a man pushing a snowplow said, "Don't worry, ma'am. I'll clear a path for you!" When we got to a crossroads he asked which way I was going. He kindly attacked a small snowpile so I could cross the street...and then I noticed it wasn't actually a crosswalk!  I was not up for crossing a divided highway without some traffic lights to direct me and the cars. He pointed out the nearest crosswalk and assured me that he'd already cleared that one for me.

I was enjoying walking around till the wind started picking up so I headed home. Not a lot of steps today but the walk was a little more strenuous. I looked like a short Abominable Snowwoman by the time I got to my building so I spent a bit of time shaking and brushing the accumulated snow off my coat, boots and pant legs.

Morning temperature: 30 degrees (felt like 17)
Morning steps: 4070

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