Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hello Caffeine

It's a small GreenMarket on a cold Monday

Yesterday marked the full year of my caffeine experiment. On the spur of the moment last February 9 I decided to give up caffeine beverages. This wasn't as hard for me as for some because I don't drink coffee! But I do have some favorite beverages that typically contain caffeine.

I thought I'd see if cutting out some caffeine would help me sleep better and since caffeine is famous for its' diuretic side effects I wondered if less of it would affect my bladder as well. After a month or so, I thought it was helping in both areas. As the year wore on I'm not so sure any more. I still have some lousy nights.

Restaurants don't have many choices when it comes to beverages with no caffeine and low sugar. Water was often my only choice. However, fast food restaurants were more likely to have a diet Sprite or diet root beer. I also discovered that the beverages I brought with me to share at parties were very popular and I often had to hurry to pour myself a glass before they were gone!

I think I will continue to make non-caffeine beverages my first choice but I'm going to allow myself save some money on sales and maybe have a low calorie hot cocoa on a cold day.

Morning temperature: 21 degrees
Morning steps: 6853

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