Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Russian Tea Room

Try this at home. Decorate a round light fixture with rows of red Christmas ornaments!

I had an adventure today to the Russian Tea Room. It's Restaurant Week in NYC which means some restaurants offer a special price. People can try out the fancy restaurants at a more affordable price than usual. Sometimes they have special menus and sometimes they offer their entire menu at the special price.

Luckily for me a friend had an expiring gift card and a reservation and I got to go along. What's more special than free?

The Russian Tea Room was founded in 1927 by some members of the Russian Imperial Ballet. Lots of well known people dine here (or so they say). Dustin Hoffman was filmed in a booth in "Tootsie". Madonna briefly worked in the coat check room. (By the way the coat check person takes your coat before you are seated and hangs it for you on a lower floor. When you are finished dining you can hand your coat check ticket to the hostess and she will call to have your coat brought upstairs.)

I like a place with history.

Steps: 13,000

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