Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cupcake Hypnosis

Cupcake hypnosis at Empire Cake (8th Avenue)

This post has nothing to do with Empire Cake. I've never had a cake or cupcake from them and I was able to resist the cupcake hypnosis! I never got onboard the cupcake express. For awhile there were new cupcake shops popping up everywhere.

I like cake...I'm a sweets-aholic but cake isn't my most favorite dessert. I went through a no frosting phase when I was a kid. My mom would ask me what kind of cake I wanted for my birthday and I would choose chocolate with no frosting. She would tell me we had to have frosting because other people might want it. Then I would petulantly say or at least think "Then why are you asking me if I can't have what I want?!?" My second choice was white cake with chocolate frosting.

I think a lot of store bought cakes are all about the frosting with flavorless cakes. Sometimes the dessert tastes sweet but with no other discernible flavor. I still like the cake better than the frosting and I still leave a pile of frosting on my plate.

Morning temperature: 20 degrees
Morning steps: 6247

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