Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Morning Walk #62 - SoHo, West Village

67 degrees and 61% humidity

Another quiet day in the city. Has everyone left early for those August vacations?

Lots of restaurants with plenty of places to sit

It is amazing how quickly the neighborhoods change block by block...commercial, residential, rundown, chi-chi

I thought I had headed towards unknown areas but I found some familiarity

The Beasty Feast sounded like an interesting restaurant till I got closer and saw that it was a business for pets

The Sweetery Food Truck parked near the Rickshaw Dumplings truck

A stop at a post office with a seriously helpful person at the counter

The meatpacking district has little to do with meat any more but in 1900 was home to 250 slaughterhouses and packing plants. Prior to that after the Civil War it became more about manufacturing with turpentine and camphene distilleries.  These businesses called for a railroad which was later elevated as the High Line to transport goods.  After a decline and some less savory businesses it has become home to some expensive designer clothes boutiques and restaurants.

Getting tired of those last few blocks to home.  North, south, east or west...they've all become very familiar so I have to look harder for something different

Steps: 6573

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