Monday, July 29, 2013

Morning Walk #61 - Stuyvesant Square Park

This is a bread delivery at a restaurant that doesn't open for breakfast and apparently doesn't care to pay someone to be there to accept an early morning delivery. I wonder how many days the bread is stolen.

69 degrees & 92% humidity

A quiet Monday morning

Block after block of trucks for a shoot of the TV show "White Collar"

Lots of dog walkers in Stuyvesant Square Park

Many benches are a little wet

A woman with wet hair drops a bag of trash in the corner public trash container on her way to work

A coffee mug in a store window says Good Morning A**hole

A food truck called Carpe Donut.  I did not carpe but I wanted to

Across the street another food truck called Think Different

Office workers bustling

Construction workers lifting and hauling

Steps: 7865

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