Friday, July 26, 2013

Morning Walk # 60 - Riverwalk

68 degrees, gray & 69% humidity

There are so many runners on the riverwalk that it's hard to be a walker

A 2 person kayak going upriver

A tiny glimpse of blue sky through the gray clouds

A stop at the bench to read email but the runners are practically running into my knees

Heading back past 1800-something residences with lace curtains in the windows

A father riding a bike with a helmeted toddler strapped on --- also guiding a dog by the leash

Another father with a fancy seat for his helmeted son...a pedestrian talking to the father about the seat as they pass

Stepping carefully across cobblestone streets

Back to the neighborhood

My 60th morning walk means 12 weeks of weekday walks.  Can't believe I've stuck to it.

Steps: 6961

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