Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Morning Walk #57 - Madison Square Park

But have fun!

74 degrees & 93% humidity

Slightly wet sidewalks

Barry's Bootcamp has a sign saying 1 hour 1000 calories

Abracadabra Magic Shop also has a sign saying "Great American Masquerade Gag, Gift & Gadget Shop Inc."

Next door is the Showbiz Store & Café

The Rhong Tiam restaurant suggests you "Express your inner Thai"

The 1892 Church Missions House was designed for the Episcopal Church with Flemish & Dutch architectural touches. It now houses the Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies...an ornate building for social services

The benches are damp in Madison Square park

An NYPD SUV with red lights flashing drives slowly through the park

Steps: 8010

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