Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Morning Walk #58 - Union Square Park

76 degrees and 78% humidity

The liquor store tells me to "Do Something Extraordinary"

Office Furniture Heaven is "Where a steal is not a sin"

More people sleeping in the park than usual. Not looking like homeless people...just people stretching out for a nap with their backpacks as pillows

Lots of birds but the squirrels are scarce this morning

A kid walks shirt and his pants hanging just below his butt so he has to hold them up to his blue jockey shorts.  I thought this fad was fading away...

Dumping the compost and buying some vegetables at the GreenMarket...a pile of kirbies will be pickles soon

The Wing'n It food truck - apparently known for their wings but selling veggie wraps and oatmeal for breakfast.  Their words of wisdom: A man without ambition is like a bird without wings"

My heavy backpack turns out to only be 21 pounds (felt like 100!)

Steps: 8639

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