Friday, June 28, 2013

Morning Walk #40 - Chelsea to Union Square

If you think it's not that funny - maybe a less amusing cartoon would be helpful
74 degrees, cloudy with a touch of a breeze

Rain was predicted most days this week. I was lucky that the mornings were dry although rain did fall at some point each day

I mention the constant construction but today it occurred to me how much harder it is to put up new construction within tight spaces. It must be a struggle to get supplies in without knocking down the surrounding buildings

The Spingler Building on Union Square was built in 1896 but its' predecessor was built in 1878 (a neighbor to Tiffany). And that Spingler Building was built on the site of the Spingler House Hotel (1864).  This all happened on Henry Spingler's farm which was on land he acquired in 1788.  He built his farmhouse on the spot where Union Square Park is now located.  Another Spingler House Hotel was opened in 1889 a few blocks away.  Henry Spingler died in 1814 but his name lives on 200 years later on the Spingler Building.

A bird drinks from a puddle left from last night's rainstorm

A squirrel running across the paved path stops to scratch his armpit

A female scream...I can't see her but a park employee chuckles...moments later the screamer walks up to me and tells me her story of the bold squirrel. She was prepared to share her breakfast sandwich with him but not at all amused when he ran up her leg.

A man sits by a sign indicating he is hungry and would appreciate donations. The slightly unusual part is that he is lost in the book he is reading.

Two dark skinned men are laughing and talking when one calls the other that word that is currently bringing down Paula Deen. They continue talking and laughing. Context is everything.

The Krup Kitchen store features a pink refrigerator and an eggplant purple stove

A truck full of porta-potties pulling a trailer full of porta-potties stops at the traffic least, 14 bathrooms from the CallAhead company

Steps: 8302

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