Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Morning Walk #28 - West Village & Hudson Riverwalk

66 degrees with puffy white clouds in the blue sky

Lots of crossing guards out early this morning

Heading down to less familiar parts of the Village

White Horse Tavern built in the 1880's was a longshoreman's bar in its' first life.  It became a literary hangout in the '50's & '60's for Dylan Thomas, Norman Mailer, Jack Kerouac and more.

The Church of Saint Luke in the Fields, 1822, a maze of buildings and gardens was built on land originally given to Trinity Church by Queen Anne in 1714

The 1853 Italianate home at 81 Barrow, built for the merchant class not the wealthy (what?)

Thirty-eight Commerce Street, originally an 1817 silo on the Gomez farm gave way to a brewery in 1834, followed by a tobacco warehouse, a box factory and then since 1924, the Cherry Lane Theater

The Barrow and Commerce neighborhoods still have lots of older buildings along the narrow streets

I hadn't planned on visiting the riverwalk today but after blocks of tangled Village streets heading west for a familiar sight seemed a good idea

Wind blowing, white caps dipping, squawking geese, the buzzing of a lawnmower and the smell of newly mown grass

The 14th Street Park that has no built-in seating or benches...just plastic chairs...but it does have free wifi and lots of traffic noise from the Westside Highway

Steps: 8015

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