Thursday, June 27, 2013

Morning Walk #39 - Madison Square Park

75 degrees and gray

As I stepped out of my building the humidity grabbed me in a big sticky bearhug and squeezed till perspiration beaded up

But no rain...yet

A salon where a woman gets a haircut at 7am...unusual in an area where many businesses open around 10 or 11am

A playground with actual kids playing in it at this hour!  Is it a respite after a hot night or a headstart on a day with rain predicted?

The ornate 1902 Appellate Court building with its' landmarked interiors (not so common as landmarked exteriors)
Herman Melville Square named in honor of the "Moby Dick" author's 1863 to 1891 residency at 104 E 26th Street

The Hurricane Club, now a restaurant, was the site of annual celebrations (1846 - 1873) commemorating the South Pacific shipwreck of the Junebug captained by Drake "Goldbelly" Stillman and his first mate, Delilah "Little Rose" Netherlander

A delivery guy pushing a cart with some office's breakfast through the park (and returning with the empty cart sometime later)

The sun struggles to come out with some success

Steps: 8765

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