Monday, June 17, 2013

Morning Walk #31 - Stuyvesant Park & Union Square

70 degrees, humid, hazy sun

It's Monday and some people are heading into the week early

A woman with a huge load of dirty laundry in a cart waits for the Laundromat to open

Another woman waits for her Pilates Studio to open

A cheerful guy suggests I "make it a happy Monday"

A father and son walking to school. The boy walks on all the benches around the park then they each throw a coin into the fountain before continuing their walk

A man walks through the park clapping his hands

An older woman in desperate need of makeup walks the sidewalk in a white terry cloth robe

Julie Menin, a candidate in the primary for Manhattan Borough President, campaigns on Irving Place

Men playing chess on milk crates in Union Square

I drop off the compost. The mayor announced a new program to collect food scraps in the city so  maybe I won't have to walk my compost around town much longer

A sign at a pet store says "It's Summer! $200 off puppies"...good lord, how expensive are those puppies???

Steps: 10,242

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