Monday, June 24, 2013

Morning Walk #36 - Washington Square Park

75 degrees, hazy & muggy

Construction workers lined up at the breakfast food truck

Last Monday everyone seemed perky and ready for the week - not so today - people are dragging and wilted

New summer hours posted at the custom furniture shop: 11am to 6pm (normally Noon to 7pm)

Fine men's clothing store with old event advertising in the windows. Too bad that interesting concert was in 2009

Missed the Sunday sermon at 1st Presbyterian, "There's Nothing Really"

Man with an egg sandwich in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other...switching hands to push a baby carriage

Then a man and stroller in classic male form...walking alongside the stroller pushing with one hand

Noticing that Washington Square Park is as much concrete as grass

Dogs controlling their owners

Several people performing entire workouts (and brutal ones at that) in the park

A pedestrian and cab driver exchanging menacing hand motions

A quick compost dump at the GreenMarket

Avoiding subway stops with lines of people exiting on their way to work

Steps: 7915

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