Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bumper Stickers

I think the average Delorean owner wouldn't have been plastering stickers all over the car!

Today I dropped off a kitty doggie bag to a homeless cat. There is a stretch of sidewalk covered with scaffolding on my way to work where 5 to 7 homeless people have started spending the nights. 

I mostly just marvel at how they can sleep (at least they appear to really be sleeping) while people walk by within a couple feet and construction noise starts up. Yesterday I noticed one of the blanket wrapped bundles (who might be a woman) had a cat on a leash. There was also a cat carrier which the cat was sitting on.

So last night I packed a couple cans of cat food and a small bag of food along with plastic utensils, disposable bowls, a few paper towels and also a few apples and food items for the cat owner.  Maybe having food for the cat will take a little stress off the homeless person.

I still feel a little guilty that I apparently was more interested in helping the homeless cat than the homeless person.

Morning temperature: 61 degrees

Steps: 9087

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