Thursday, October 31, 2013

Morning Walk #129 - Cloudy Halloween

67 degrees & 77% humidity

Lots of barricades in the Village in preparation for this evening's Halloween Parade. The parade was started 40 years ago as a safe Halloween walk for some children in the Village. It's a huge event now. Anyone in costume can participate. Last year's parade was canceled due to Hurricane Sandy so everyone will be happy to have it back.

A sign proclaims November 2 as National Family Pajamas Night

Filming for Hostages has taken place most of the week using the Serbian Church as a holding area and restroom stop. Interesting...since Hostages is set in Washington DC

A woman picking up acorns in the park

Leaves falling off the trees one after the other

No children in costume this morning but one little girl was being escorted to school by her father who had a knife through his head. She was just young enough to not be embarrassed by that!

Happy Halloween!

Steps: 6899

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