Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Morning Walk #123 - Hump Day

49 degrees & 56% humidity

A big rat trap in front of a brownstone. I am glad I have never seen a rat as big as that trap would indicate they might be.

A cast iron building (1900) with big display windows that look like original wavy glass

Mums are everywhere...even at places that don't display flowers any other time of the year

A guy sitting on a bench...his head tipped back...snoring as loudly as I've ever heard

Another guy on the other side of the park loudly practicing his Halloween pirate's voice

Walking down the street a guy stops, peers in the window of an antique shop and howls like a wolf

Xavier High School established in 1847 by Jesuits as a college. It became a military secondary school and is still an all male school.

Steps: 7368

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