Friday, October 25, 2013

Morning Walk #125 - Frozen Face

Apparently "Rebirth is Possible" - the benches told me so.

41 degrees (feels like 38) and 64% humidity

I was dressed warmly but it doesn't take long to freeze the face

The sign in the park said "You are being photographed" - apparently for a project called "Love is Dead."

Judson Memorial Church on Washington Square Park - built in memory of Adoniram Judson said to be the first missionary sent from North America. He spent nearly 40 years in Burma from around 1817. He must have been some kind of a guy. There are at least 36 U.S. churches named after him as well as a university in Illinois, a town in Arkansas, several other buildings, several churches and buildings in Burma and a World War II ship.

A father and 2 children each on their own scooters zooming through the park

A dog in his little sweater with a jack-o-lantern knitted into it

Sparrows hopping around on the marble tables

A few red maple leaves on the asphalt

Steps: 8881

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