Thursday, October 17, 2013

Morning Walk #119 - Misty Morning

Misty morning on the Hudson

62 degrees & 86% humidity

Misty & foggy but no rain

The high school has separate entrances for Students with ID and Students without ID. If that is for the students who forgot their ID...I wonder which line is longer.

Four guys sprinting down the pier

Large dog pulling his owner along

Lots of traffic on the westside highway

Are scooters the number one elementary school age accessory?

Plaque noting the location of Clement Clarke Moore's home on his Chelsea estate

At 348 West 23rd Street is a Queen Anne style building. It was originally a brownstone home but was redesigned in 1885 as 4 full floor apartments for upper class tenants.  This was a new concept at the time. Wealthy people owned homes. Poor people lived in apartments or tenements. But these new apartments were not affordable for the masses and became accepted as suitable homes for those with money. The rest is history. Literally.

Dropped off compost at the Commuter Compost booth

Steps: 6653

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