Monday, October 14, 2013

Morning Walk #116 - Columbus Day

53 degrees & 73% humidity

I guess most people no longer believe that Christopher Columbus "discovered" America. He just seems to have had the best PR. Some celebrate the day as Italian heritage day. South Dakota proclaims this day Native American Day. And I saw a show that indicated there were visitors here in 800 AD. But for now it's a government holiday and that's what works for most people.

A new Pie Face location in Chelsea. This chain is apparently from Australia and features savory pies, pastries and sandwiches.

A woman in jeans and very high wedge heels sashaying down the sidewalk. If she could see the way those heels distort her whole body (at least from the rear view) she might not wear them in public.

Mo Math - the Museum of Mathematics along the north side of Madison Square Park

A woman in Batman print tights (that she is wearing as pants with her cropped jean jacket)

Steps: 6917

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