Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Morning Walk #118 - Sleeping in the Park

58 degrees and 80% humidity

A man in plaid pajamas walking his dog

The Church of the Ascension built 1840 - 41. It was the site of the wedding of President John Tyler to his second wife, Julia Gardiner in 1844. As you'll recall, Tyler was the first Vice-President to become President due to the death of the elected President. He was also the first President to marry while in office but not sure why they chose to marry in New York City. The courtship was a little odd. Julia, her sister, and her father joined Tyler on a Presidential excursion on the Princeton, a new steam frigate where a naval gun exploded - killing Julia's father. The President consoled the bereft daughter right into marriage. But, in spite of the 30 year difference in their ages, they were apparently happy till death did them part.

Three teen girls meet on a corner...2 dressed in skinny jeans and boots. The jean clad girls were checking out the Halloween patterned boxers "fashionably" peeking out of the waistband of the 3rd girl's sloppy gray sweatpants

Lots of big dogs walking the park this morning and lots of trash around

A man walks by with his daughter strapped to his chest so that she can see what he sees. Though non-verbal, she happily babbles all the way.

A young man squats against a tree to read his book in spite of many empty benches available to him

The Church of St. Joseph built in 1833. Although apparently the 6th Roman Catholic parish in New York City, a plaque proclaims the edifice to be the oldest in the city. An early pastor of the church was Father John McCloskey who became Bishop of New York, Archbishop and the first U.S. Cardinal (1875).

Film shoot: Moonquake

Steps: 6491

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