Thursday, November 28, 2013

Morning Walk #149 - Thanksgiving

Abraham Lincoln in Union Square Park
The statue by Henry K. Brown was unveiled in 1871 and not well received. Critics thought his clothes were crazy and his face did not show the genius of the man it portrayed. Thanksgiving seemed an appropriate day to drop by since it was Lincoln who made the day a national holiday to be observed on the last Thursday of November. This was amended by Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1941 to be the fourth Thursday of November.

31 degrees (26 degrees) & 47% humidity

Talk about a quiet morning in the city! However, I was nowhere near the Parade route.

A sign in the Kenneth Cole store window says "The average woman falls in love 7 times a year. Only 6 are with shoes."

More sidewalk Christmas tree stands have popped up overnight. Most of the vendors I've talked to over the years are French Canadian. They camp out in their vans (usually two of them) for the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas. They sell trees at all hours because they have to be there to guard their stock 24 hours. Bathrooms and showers would be an issue for me!

I hope no one sees me picking up litter on the sidewalks!

A few wind gusts made me worry about the balloons in the Parade but apparently all went well - though the balloons were floating low.

Three cabs tried to pick me on a slow morning.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Steps: 7144

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