Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Morning Walk #137 - A little Rain. A little Snow.

A little rain

A little snow (blowing in from the left)

It was 40 degrees and 73% humidity and then it was 36 degrees with a little wind, a little rain and a little snow.

I was a bit underdressed for winter though my raincoat blocked the wind.

It was a gray day but there was an orange flowered bike with lime green wheels

And a there was an opened but (mercifully) unused bright yellow condom on the ground

A sign posted on the front of a Mexican restaurant

Special Turkey in Gravy Sauce
Served with mashed potatoes, corn, cranbery (sic) sauce
with a House Drink $10.95
Not sure I'd choose a Mexican restaurant for a Thanksgiving dinner but what the heck...
A stop in the drugstore to warm up, a compost dropoff then home to warm up some more.
Steps: 6662

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