Thursday, November 14, 2013

Morning Walk #139 - Sunshine-y Cold

Lost any?

33 degrees (feels like 28) & 53% humidity

A Naked Cowboy Oysters truck drive by. The Naked Cowboy is a Times Square institution. He is not quite naked but dresses in a cowboy hat, boots and Jockey shorts as he plays his guitar and entertains the tourists. He does not dive for oysters but apparently this company that harvests the Long Island Sound oysters felt inspired to use his name.

A man bicycles down the bike path with a covered seat for his child on the front of his bike. He holds the leash to the dog running behind him.

A walk through Chelsea Piers where parents are bringing their toddler children for some kind of class. The Pink Panther theme song plays in the distance.

I take a seat next to the Sesame Street Fire Truck children's ride to read my email. A few minutes later the siren on the empty ride starts blaring. I picture a guy in a security booth somewhere checking cameras and making that siren blast out to startle unsuspecting email readers!

A walk back across the highway to Chelsea Market for a short warm up period. A family of 6 tourists pile out of a car and into the Market stopping to take photos every few feet. I think they may have thought more shops would be open at 8am but there are plenty of photo ops.

Steps: 6231

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