Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Morning Walk #148 - Holy Sogginess

Footprints in the concrete mark the great turkey escape.

57 degrees & 89% humidity

It rained all night so there were puddles at most of the curb cuts.

At first the rain is coming down steadily.

People may have already left for the holiday but others were dragging their wet suitcases down the sidewalks.

Broken umbrellas litter the sidewalks.

I saw my first Christmas tree stand! Usually they pop up the day after Thanksgiving. It probably will not be a big day for sales since apartment dwellers don't have a place to let dripping trees dry.

A tall teenage boy walks ahead of me - his camouflage pants hanging down off his plaid boxer covered butt.

Tomorrow is supposed to be cold and dry for the Parade. Hoping for calm winds.

Steps: 6004

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