Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Morning Walk #147 - Nevermore, the Sidewalk

Sidewalks often talk to me. Sometimes they say come on down here (and I do). Sometimes they want to discuss Edgar Allan Poe. I have been to Poe's cottage in the Bronx. This sidewalk has not.

35 degrees & 47% humidity

My walk seemed like a busy errand run starting with a stop at the post office to mail a card and then to the bank to make a deposit.

I headed up to the High Line where I saw a guy sprinkling the Standard Hotel's ice rink below me at Washington & 13th. I read that they have skating till midnight weeknights and till 1am weekends. Lots of good warm beverages and soups to be had to take the chill off too.

The High Line foliage is looking like winter but it's still a nice walk. I descended at 23rd street to head over to the commuter compost drop. Man, that stuff stinks but I love to keep my garbage out of the landfill where it can be put it to good use!

Then it was back nearly to where I started to stop in at the grocery store to finish the last of my Thanksgiving shopping...or so I thought. It's been hard to find just the right turkey so far.

Stopped home to drop off some groceries and make this post. Now it's off for more turkey hunting.

Steps: 8308

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