Friday, September 27, 2013

Morning Walk #105 - A Mini Trip Down Memory Lane

59 degrees, 66% humidity along with some morning cloud cover

Looking inside a gutted brownstone...only brick walls remain

Next door another brownstone is having a heated sidewalk installed

Rap is blasting up the block...coming from an Honest Ade delivery truck

Dropping off the compost

Catching a glimpse of Jonathan apples at the GreenMarket! I haven't noticed a Jonathan in years...usually the closest is a Jonagold and that Jonathan/Golden Delicious hybrid is not the same.

When I was a pre-teen my dad worked with a guy who also had an orchard.  Every Fall the orchard owner would sell apples to his co-workers and my dad would come home with a bushel of Jonathans. We kept them in the garage and they lasted a long time since we mostly only ate them in our school lunches.

I had a much sweeter tooth so an apple was not my snack of choice. And then I discovered "Little Women" and read the scene in which my favorite character, Jo, would wrap up warmly in the attic eating apples and reading. We didn't have an attic but from then on once the Jonathans arrived...I'd wrap up in a blanket in my cold room over the unheated garage or sometimes I'd wrap up in a blanket in our unheated travel trailer. Books and apples were always involved.

Turns out that Jonathans originated in Woodstock, NY in 1826 (although there is an alternate theory.) Who knew when I was growing up in the Midwest that New York would be a theme that runs through my life. But then it could just be because New York is the center of the universe.

And, yes, I bought the apples.

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