Friday, September 20, 2013

Morning Walk #100

High Line Art. See previous art by this artist

60 degrees, 77% humidity, sunny

Today and tomorrow are predicted to be the warmest days of the week.

100 morning soon. Who would have thought that I could keep at it?

I've been noticing that the homeless are less likely to push their treasures around in shopping carts and granny carts. They are apparently picking up discarded rolling suitcases and now looked more like disheveled travelers.

A man in the park rolling up his sleeping quilts and packing them into his suitcase

Graffiti: I am here it doesn't matter why

Film shoot: Jet Blue commercial (no runways or airplanes in sight)

Steps: 5373

A quick morning walk before I pick up someone after an outpatient procedure.

The walk to and from the hospital brings my steps total to 16,347

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