Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Morning Walk #103 - Madison Square Park

Rocks in the trees in Madison Square Park

53 degrees and 73% humidity. Felt warmer today.

A man sitting by the bus stop waving his arms at passersby as if he is directing traffic

A man in a business suit giving a cigarette to a homeless man. You can get lung cancer even if you don't have money to buy the cigarettes!

Best idea - After school special: 2 cookies & milk for $3 at Billy's Bakery

Let's talk about Selfies. I don't even like the word although I acknowledge the common practice of cutesy words, abbreviations et cetera now running through the English language. I admit to using some of these shortcuts - at first with sarcasm - and then waking up one day to realize they are part of my everyday usage.

So back to these self portraits. On the one had it's hazardous on an NYC sidewalk. I'll be walking along and suddenly have to dodge a couple people in front of me who suddenly came to a dead stop to take a self portrait with a camera phone. I have to forgive them because I'm sure that moment had to be preserved immediately and there was no time to step to the side instead of stopping pedestrian traffic.

On the other hand, all these photos now make their way to the internet. The most awful, unflattering, out of focus shots invade cyberspace. I don't do Facebook or Twitter or Instagram but I still catch glimpses of some of these photos on blogs or in emails. Why do people think we want to see it? And teenagers (and Anthony Weiner)...wait till those photos resurface when you have teenagers of your own!

Taking photos of yourself is not a bad thing. (Actual cameras often have self-timer buttons that make that easy.) Put your good photos in a scrapbook. Share them with your family. But keep them out of the cyber-reach of strangers!

Steps: 7378

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