Thursday, August 29, 2013

Morning Walk #84 - Stuyvesant Square Park

71 degrees, 89% humidity, and another gray day

Two guys not yet home from a night of celebrating

Walking through the streets and absorbing more history

Stuyvesant Square Park is mostly deserted at first

A man doing exercises including pushups on the bricked pathways

A father, a toddler & a St. Bernard.  The little girl with a pacifier in her mouth walks around on tip toes carrying a sweater in one hand and a stick her height in the other.

Squirrels gathering acorns

More people waling through the park to work and to school

Taking photos of the ironwork fences. 

A park employee hurries over to try to straighten the park sign for my photo shoot.  I didn't have the heart to tell her I wasn't interested in the sign.

Interesting plaque on the house at 122 E 17th Street says it was the home of the writer, Washington Irving. I had earlier read that Washington Irving never lived in the area that was named after him.  His nephew lived at 120 E 17th Street and named his son, Washington Irving, but that still doesn't quite explain the expensive inaccurate plaque.

A misty return walk

Steps: 7674

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