Monday, August 26, 2013

Morning Walk #81 - Madison Square Park

Low tech advertising for high tech shopping

69 degrees, 58% humidity & cloudy

A strong smell of cooked garlic permeates the air on the block next to mine. Too early for me

A woman wearing a long sleeve and very short dress...warm arms, cold legs

Food carts appearing again around schools

A manhole cover on the sidewalk with 47 cigarette butts stuck in its' texture...apparently a popular smoking spot

A earsplitting fire engine siren breaks the relatively quiet morning

The restaurant Spoon next to tbsp.

Very appetizing looking fresh breads in the window of Boulangerie Patisserie

A plaque in front of a tree at the edge of Madison Square Park reads "Planted by 159 members of the Young Australia League as an Australian tribute to America's glorious dead, March 14, 1929."  What does that mean?  Which glorious dead?

A man walking through the park under his rain, no sun

A woman with porcelain skin and red hair in a dress with a very interesting print

A stop at a grocery store to pick up 7 items, then a stop at another store to pick up one item.  Back on the street I encounter the woman with porcelain skin again...twenty minutes later, 7 blocks from the first sighting and we are both walking in different directions from that first encounter.

An interesting mix of people in tank tops and shorts or jean jackets and it summer or fall?

Steps: 8945

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