Thursday, August 22, 2013

Morning Walk #79 - Madison Square Park

The 21st century question

76 degrees, 79% humidity and cloudy

Two ambulances parked on the avenue. Drivers inside, lights flashing but no patient.

Pigeons eating crumbled chocolate chip cookies

A little person walking a big dog who is giving him a workout

Followed by a tall person walking 2 toy dogs

Sign at the storefront Doggie Daycare:  "Please do not tap on the glass!  It can scare the doggies."  Aren't these NYC dogs tough?

Scaffolding all the way up one side of the MetLife clock tower...and the clock has stopped at 6:30

A man in a suit with an untied bowtie around his neck...walking through the park using ski poles

I sit on a bench to make a grocery list. An acorn hits my shoulder...then the sprinkler next to the bench starts squirting water at me!

Marketing condos at Madison Square Park - "Home is where the Park is"

I'm back

Steps:  6283

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  1. Now that is some serious sidewalk chalk wisdom! :) I hope you didn't get too wet... or at the most, I hope your grocery list wasn't ruined by the sprinkler... those are never fun to re-start, lol!