Friday, August 23, 2013

Morning Walk #80 - Along the Riverwalk

71 degrees, 80% humidity and the sun trying to poke through the haze

In search of a Spanish galleon rumored to be anchored around the 42nd street piers

A woman and her dog waiting at the coffee shop walk-up window...the dog sitting on the counter

Employees rinsing the sidewalks before setting up sidewalk café tables

The manhole cover in front of the seminary is actually labeled "General Seminary"

Walking past the Tow Pound where the city makes tons of money ransoming towed vehicles

The bowling alley tells me to "Stay out of the gutter"

Walking through the tourist area where buses wait to load sightsee-ers

Two officers and their horses cross the street.  Who knew the Mounted Police Headquarters was on the Hudson River piers?

Waves hitting the concrete piers spraying water high in the air (even though the river is not that choppy)

Catching a glimpse of my windblown, humidity infused hair in a window...yikes!

People reading newspapers on benches at the riverfront

Learning to "google" first.  The Spanish galleon hoisted anchor on August 18.

Steps: 13,439


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