Sunday, December 21, 2014

Holiday Train

On Sundays during the holiday season, vintage subway trains run about 5 times a day on one subway line. We took a ride and soaked in the old time feel. The first car we rode in was said to be the 1936 - 1946 version and the second car was earlier.

It was fun to see the faces of unsuspecting passengers waiting at the train stops. They were not sure if they were in a time warp.

The seats were interesting but the layout was the same as some of the trains today.

Vintage advertising was fun!


Guys...if you're looking for a date...wear a hat!!!

This shot doesn't give you a vintage feel.

But these fans are definitely not used in today's trains.

Here is a time warp rider.

No smoking, spitting or littering...some things never change!

From the outside.

Oh, and Superman was there.  He's vintage, right?

Here are the hand holdy things in the 1936 - 1946 car.

And here are the hand holdy things in the older car...complete with an unprotected lightbulb! This car was quite dark even with the lightbulbs throughout. They couldn't really read on the way to work.
This dummy kept winking at me!
Some things never change!

Goodbye Holiday Train...hope to see you next year!

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